Lucy Luv

Lucy Luv was born on August 15th in Chicago, Illinois. She grew up listening to Cumbias with her mom. Norteno music was another family favorite. She started listening to freestyle music at the age of 12.

Today she has partnered with Troy Guy, who has written and composed 2 of her songs. What Must I Do, and This Is My Life. She never dreamed of becoming who she is now. With the guidance of many artists and producers, she is well on her way to becoming the star that she and her entire family always thought her out to be.

Her musical aspiration derived from her father, from which he instilled in his daughter, from singing in churches and singing at family events. Many years ago, he was in a group called Brisas De Mexico. So her love for music began there. Her music history is electric, where it holds no boundaries in genres where her vocals can excite the many delights of her fans.

As quoted by Lucy: "Many have fallen and given up on their dreams. Many have tried and not succeeded, but with persistence and determination she prevailed the success of her dreams."

1This is my Life ER (Extended Mix )Lucy Luv1.001.99Buy
2This is my Life (Radio Mix)Lucy Luv1.001.99Buy
3This is my Life (Rave mix)Lucy Luv1.001.99Buy


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