She was born on September 4th, 2005 in Brooklyn NY where she currently lives with her mom, Migdalia and her adoptive brother, Andrew. Since the age of 4, she knew she wanted to sing. At 7 years old. She did her first performance in front of a large crowd not related to her when she performed at a Military Function and her passion for singing began to grow over the years anything pertaining to music. She taught herself how to play the ukulele just for a single performance on stage but continued to teach herself more with said instrument. She is currently learning how to play the bass but due to the pandemic, she has not been able to fix or replace the strings on the Bass. She also learned how to play the piano. She says she's a mediocre player when it comes to the bass and piano, again due to the pandemic, it has put everything on hold. But she has homed in on her skills as a singer and she loves to sing any chance she gets. "I LOVE to sing all types of genres of music, but I am more into the Alternative music genre." Her hobbies include collecting certain things. She also loves to draw, read and write.

2 Make It On My Own Radio - SereneSerene 1.001.99Buy
2This is my Life (Radio Mix)Serene1.001.99Buy
3 Make It On My Own - Saul Remix - SereneSerene1.001.99Buy
4Serene Hybrid Remix - SereneSerene1.001.99Buy


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