Our Staff

Our Staff

Where the Passion Begins

Ana Morales

Artist Liaison Executive/Artist Management

Ana is from the Boogie Down Bronx born and raised. She graduated top of her class in college. She has four children and 4 grandchildren that she would do anything for, they're her world!! She has so much to offer, because she does this for the love of music! She loves all types of music but her absolute favorite is Freestyle Music . She works as a hospice nurse. She is a people person. She is so happy to be taking part of this new adventure with Amazin Records !

Caroline Gonzalez

Human Resource Executive

Caroline was born in Houston, Tx! In Illinois since 1994! She is a Navy brat! Works for a printing company over 25 years! Grew up listening to all kinds of music...Music is her passion! She is a mother of two amazing beautiful daughters and grandmother of 3 adorable grandchildren! With her husband since 1994! Being with a job over 25 years and a relationship over 26 years shows she is committed through easy and tough times no matter what!

Jimmy Vazquez

Artists Liaison

Jimmy Vazquez was born in Guayama, Puerto Rico, and raised in Da Boogie Down Bronx, NY. He graduated high school from Herbert H. Lehman High School. Received an Associate’s Degree from Excelsior University. He has been and still married to Marisol for 34 years. He has one daughter Samantha Maria. Jimmy served in the military for 26 years both in the US Marine Corps and US Army. He has been deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. He was awarded the Bronze Star Medal, Purple Heart Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, Army Accommodation Medal, and the Army Achievement Medal. He retired from military service in 2013. Jimmy was a Louisiana Police Officer for 5 years and is currently a Captain of Security under the Department of Emergency Services at Ft Polk, Louisiana. His love of music started in the mid 80s with the Freestyle Genre.

Annette Medina

Artist Liaison

Annette Medina Born and raised in Chicago on August 7, 1974 Proud Mother of wonderful 3 sons. She has been in the Promotional Products industry for 17 years. This is her passion. She was brought loving music, first of all she loves to dance and as for her music choice She LOVES Meringues, Salsa, Bachata, Reggaeton, Freestyle, Chicago House Music, Hip-Hop and R&B. Basically if the sound is good and the voice and words are good..... She’s feeling it.

Luis Quiles aka Michael Sazon

Director of Events and Promotions

Mike Sazon was born on September 02, 1981. He is a promoter and the owner of LQ Entertainment/Sazon Entertainment. He has been a musical talent promoter for over a decade and has contributed countless hours with various artists in sights of high expectations. Mike Sazon has dedicated his career to music for the forth coming of new artists that will revolutionize the music industry whereas he humbles himself to educate others in learning the industry.

Sarah Perales

Artist Liaison

She is a proud mom of four amazing kids. She worked as a mail inserter but is a stay at home mom now. She's always been very caring and willing to help anyone in need. She always had a love and passion for music in all genres R & B, Hip Hop, Freestyle, Reggaeton, Bachata, and Oldies. She's a very loyal person and loves to always be positive and outgoing.

Wendi Pacheco

Artist Liaison

Wendi Pacheco was born in Los Angeles California. She spent her childhood in El Paso, Texas where she now calls home. Wendi ventured to the east coast her early teenage years where there is where she experienced music of all genres and grew fond of music in general. Wendi went on to finish school and applied to her studies in Education and received an associate’s degree in Data Processing Administration with an undergraduate associate degree in criminal justice. Wendi has two wonderful children who have always been her focus in life. Raising two boys and overseeing a household, unfortunately her career was set aside to devote her full attention to family. Wendi has worked for a local School District and has managed to excel 20 years in her position in a local high school in her town of El Paso, Texas. With her children now grown with families of their own, Wendi is ready to take on this amazing opportunity and be a part of this fast growing and evolving recording company and do the upmost best to be a great example for the company and be an excellent colleague to her peers.

Luis Rodriguez

Artist Liaison

He was Born in Massachusetts and raised in the Bronx .he has two wonderful kids one with autism. He’s been working since he was a teen. He’s with a company that has properties all over the states as a assistant maintenance and now he’s into GrafX and drawing since 2018 he has met a lot of freestyle artist and hip hop like Poze, Queststarr, Juan Vargas, Eddie Vazquez, K7 of TKA, Lil Suzy, 3 to Da Max , CPR of WTCC Radio ,Dj Porkie Sam Savon , Peter Fontaine,Johnny O, ,E’dee, Smooth B of Nice and Smooth, Big Pun, Wu Tang Clan ,Apache , kurupt, funk flex ,to Willie Valentin and the whole Artistik family he even did a cameo in his remake of one true love affair video in springfield.ma He had a blast And would love to do more videos behind the scenes and so on. He also loves to listen to any kind music especially Freestyle and now joining the new family and label as a GrafX artist and merchandise at Amazin’ Records he’s so excited to be part of it.

Jenna Gallo

Project Manager/PR Executive

Jenna Gallo is currently a Project Manager/PR Executive at Amazin’ Records. Previously she was an Executive Assistant for 18 years. In that time she worked for two Wall Street firms. She was a powerful force in the workplace. She was also an at home mom raising her beautiful children. She was raised in New York City. She now resides in New Jersey with her husband and three children. She enjoys music, dancing, reading and spending time with her family.

Jude Guerra

Artist Liaison

Jude Guerra. Born in Los Angeles, raised in Ventura County. Married. Currently as a barber and now working as an Aritst Liaison for Amazin' Records.

Phil Mario Muzzalupo

Music Producer

Started with DJing parties and events back in the late 80s and early 90s. Eventually turned his love for Chicago House and Freestyle music into an endeavor to be a writer/artist and producer. He made contact with House Music pioneers and legends Tyree Cooper and Fast Eddie with a self produced demo tape. They gave him a shot and produced 2 house trax for him which eventually led to him signing with the legendary Chicago House Music label DJ International Records under the name MUZZ 5. While there he also wrote and performed the B side rap to longtime friend and label mate Troy Guy's song "Games of Love" for his Freestyle group, D'zyre. He also wrote the rap for Sperock's song "I need your love". He eventually embarked on his own and signed with the New York Freestyle Label Pryme Tyme Records for his 2 Freestyle songs "I Can't Go On" and "Nobody's Fool" under the name MARIO. He has since moved on to concentrate soley on Writing, Producing and Remixing for others and is very optimistic about the path of Amazin' Records. Troy Guy, his sound, vision and the rock solid team he has assembled are going to move things into a new direction and he is excited and grateful for the opportunity to help the team build something fresh and new with Amazin' Records.

Maribel Freire

Merchandising Executive

Maribel’s focus in the group is to make sure every Artist that is a part of our Records Label is recognized and promoted in the best and easiest way possible. Part of the things she loves to do aside from helping the artist out is to bake, cook, read and even work on crafts most of the time. She is a Wife and a Mother of 3 sons that she says is her world.

Yolanda Muzzalupo

Artist Liaison

Yolanda is a proud mother of 2 girls with a Bachelor's Degree in Public Relations from Illinois State University. She has been around music, DJ's, artists and the club scene all of her adult life, making many great connections along the way while also being friends with and a supporter of Troy Guy since the early 1990's.
She has always had a great passion for music and the whole creation process behind it leading to a finished project and performance. She is eager to put her first hand experience and contacts within the music industry to work in any way that assists Amazin' Records in succeeding and becoming a destination label of choice for artists, DJs and consumers alike

Angela Black

Artist Liaison

A Proud mother of 3 children and 7 grandchildren. Loves all genres of music, but R&B is her favorite. She has met some amazing people along this music journey.

Susie Barata

Publishing Executive Officer

Susie Barata has a background in the Dental field with Management, Dental Consulting and Marketing/Promoting with over 35 years experience.

Music is her first passion. Susie has been in the music for a few year while advancing and bringing experience and knowledge to other areas in the music industry.

Her hobbies are outdoor activities like camping and enjoying nature with others and also enjoys alone time with her children and dogs.

Susie enjoy working in the music industry , not only as a passion, but to promote unique and beautiful music as well as, bring the love of music to the world.


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