Mark Milan

Mark Milan

MARK MILAN AKA MARK ANTHONY RODRIGUEZ brings high energy to the fans, wherever he goes, since 1991. With legendary Freestyle songs such as “Foolish Pride”& “One More Chance.” He transports the audience back to the ’90s, as well as into the future with his current track, “The Comeback.” The fans love to sing along as well as dance to the “high energy” songs.

MARK knows how to entertain and keep the audience engaged. MARK MILAN started out singing his favorite songs as the radio played them, such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Queen, Boys II Men, the BeeGees, and Commissioned (Gospel music), to name a few. In his teens, MARK MILAN became a DJ, learned to mix, cut, and blend songs to keep the crowds dancing!! Playing music helped MARK to learn the basics of how a song is written and arranged—getting all his influence from the current artists he was spinning made it easy to transition into writing, singing, and performing.

Hitting the stage with the likes of Troy Guy (D’ZYRE), Diddle D, Fabian, Jessee B (LEGACY), Pure Pleasure, George Anthony, Jae Mazor, and a host of other amazing artists has encouraged him to continue on this musical journey to keep the fans on their toes.

Over the past year, MARK MILAN has performed at many clubs, weddings, private parties and reunions, and most notably “The Condorde” in Chicago. MARK MILAN has been invited back for encore performances in Brooklyn and other events.

1I'm Going Crazy (DMike Freestyle Remix)Mark Milan1.001.99Buy
2I'm Going Crazy (Extended Mix)Mark Milan1.001.99Buy
3I'm Going Crazy (Hip Hop mix)Mark Milan1.001.99Buy
4Im Going Crazy (Dark Intensity Remix)Mark Milan1.001.99Buy
5Im Going Crazy (Reggaeton Remix)Mark Milan1.001.99Buy


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