Jaliet Caprana

Jaliet Caprana

Jaliet Caprana is an Independent Recording Artist, Producer, and Audio Engineer from Chicago, Illinois. Due to his intricate Rhyming, fast-paced delivery, and catchy hooks, Jaliet’s music has gained attention all across the Midwest. Jaliet has been featured on "This Is 50", "The Akademia" "Chi City Music" and "Worldstar Hip Hop."

Jaliet’s journey to production began in 2005 after releasing his first album under the name "Counterfeit" with long-time best friend, the late "Shumiaye Hall" aka "The Melanated Bandit." Their merge together was so unique, introducing deep explicit content revolving around life's trials and tribulations. Both struggling with depression told a story through the music while touching the hearts of many, ultimately leading to a widespread buzz around the Chicagoland area. Since then, both have released solo projects and also collaborations with underground and mainstream artists and producers.

In 2013 Jaliet Caprana released his 3rd Solo album, The Perfect Poison which was also the single name on the record. He then signed a one-album deal with Don Johnson of CNN, "T.M.G. Records." Later that year, "The Perfect Poison" received an award for best Hip Hop E.P. by the Akademia.

In 2016 the next album to be released was titled "The Midwest Bandits" a collaboration album between Jaliet Caprana and Shumiyayo The Melanated Bandit.

In 2017 Jaliet Caprana released the "Beatz N The Beast "collaboration album featuring Lil Wyte, Mac Lethal, and Kilslo produced by Richard Casolaro.

In 2018 Jaliet released his 5th studio album 1:11 E.P., which was released in the fall of 2018. In the fall of 2020, Jaliet Caprana Signed a new deal with Alkali Music Entertainment & Amazin' Records. Jaliet is currently working on another full-length studio album which will be released sometime in 2021.

1Yea I Did It (Clean) - Jaliet CapranaJaliet Caprana1.001.99Buy
2Yeah I Did It (Explicit Lyrics) - Jaliet CapranaJaliet Caprana1.001.99Buy


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